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Bounce into genU Training

Build your job seekers’ mindset,
motivation, wellbeing & technical
skills so they are more employable.

A new service offering

We’re proud to be partnering with Bounce Australia by including the Bounce Program as part of our Training U For Work offering.

The Bounce Program helps job seekers to develop practical and powerful work-readiness skills, so they feel confident and motivated to find a job they will love.

The training provides job seekers deep awareness of their values
and beliefs and clarity around their employment preferences. Upon completion of the program, participants are better equipped to
find and stay employed in work that contributes positively to their

Why Wellbeing?

When jobseekers have positive wellbeing, the barriers to employment are reduced, and they feel more hopeful about their journey to employment.

The Bounce Program contributes to the psychological work-readiness of your clients and helps them to feel more engaged in their employment journey. Not only does the program give confidence, motivation and clarity; it also helps people discover, plan and work towards goals for their future while breaking through the personal and emotional barriers that are holding them back.

Bounce helps jobseekers to:


Get Clear

Discover more about themselves and the type of work they want to do.


be confident

Develop the confidence they need to find a job they’ll love.

Red Heart_Good

feel good

Let positive thoughts and energy fuel their mind and body.

Yellow Light_Motivation

stay motivated

Get a plan to help them stay focused on their goals.

A training revolution is here

In this fast-changing world, we have to adapt our delivery methods to make training more accessible to people everywhere. We know your clients are more tech-savvy than ever, and there are so many different ways they’re accessing training and education. They’re connected and engaged in the digital world, and they’re ready for unique ways to learn.

Bounce Online features the essential soft skills training, tools and techniques that will get every client work-ready, coupled with the ease and convenience of participating from wherever they choose.

Program Features:

Five dynamic learning modules to keep participants accountable and on track.

Every module contains experiential learning and video modelling, quizzes and simple activities. Modules cover everything, from start to finish, that your clients will need to know to find a job and keep it.

Exclusive program dashboard access

As a consultant, you have exclusive access to your own Bounce Online account dashboard. For every participant that moves through the program, you will get instant access to a comprehensive set of program results that will give you invaluable insights into every client. Log in to your user profile, and through the dashboard, you can check the progress and results of any participant, at any time.

Deep insight into your client’s level
of work readiness

Bounce Online participants complete a series of assessments related to their employment journey. As their consultant, you
get access to the results of five assessments including:

  • Stages of Change
  • Career & Work Values
  • Communication Styles
  • Employment Preferences 
  • My Job Outlook Quiz

An easy to use Career Toolbox, jam-packed with ready-made documents

Accessible at any time, the Career Toolbox is filled with ‘how to’ guides and templates to help your clients craft irresistible cover letters, resumes and develop clever strategies to nail those interview questions.

What job seekers say about Bounce

Every person that completes a Bounce Program has a story to tell. Here’s what some of them have told us about their journey through the program.


I really enjoyed doing the program and it has helped me learn so much more about myself.

~ Emily D. ~


This program ROCKS!!!
The coaching sessions were amazing, and Linda is the best coach ever.

~ Shannon D. ~


I could do this course again and again!

~ Clint. D ~


I’ve gained so many new skills -resume writing, communication, goal setting and interview skills.

~ Kayla S. ~


I’m ready to find a job after doing this course!

~ Richard D. ~


The motivation I have gained throughout this program is great! I’m more confident than I thought.

~ Toni-Anne M. ~

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